What is strategic finance

Strategic Finance is an ever evolving cycle of a company’s financial management and strategy. It incorporates the holistic approach and analysis of corporate finance management, capital structure, capital budgeting, investment analysis and funding strategies. Efficient strategic financial management  complements the company’s strategic objectives and optimises value to shareholders.

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what do we do

We take an unbiased, holistic approach to corporate banking and finance. We keep abreast of the changing debt and lease terms across this niche sector and assist your firm negotiate customised funding.

If you are a new client, we review your business plans and goals against banking facilities, including working capital, core debt and credit ratings. We then present you with strategies aimed at ensuring your business is appropriately funded and that your banking interests are looked after in the best way.

Specific services:

  • Capital structure analysis and funding strategies

  • Strategic reviews and restructuring advice

  • Banking relationship review

  • New debt facilities, refinancing and debt restructuring

  • Facility compliance system

  • Banking management and risk management support